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Tamarin scripts can easily be made directly executable on MacOS and Linux. In the steps below, the Tamarin script filename is myscript. The full path to the script is /path/to/myscript.

1. Add a shebang line at the start of the Tamarin script.

#!/usr/bin/env tamarin

2. Allow execution as a program by running chmod against the script:

chmod +x /path/to/myscript

3. Optionally, update your PATH variable so that your shell can find the script:

export PATH=/path/to/:$PATH

Having done that, you should be able to run myscript as a program from your shell. You should add the export PATH statement to ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc to persist the modified PATH variable for future sessions.

Example Script

#!/usr/bin/env tamarin

print("just a test")